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What Is The Difference Between A Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet And Other Chassis Cabinets?
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Sheet metal processing communication cabinet in a large number of chassis cabinet products is the most widely used, and how to deal with other types of chassis Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet What is the difference? What are the characteristics? Here to introduce you to:

1. The appearance of more flexible changes. Suitable for multi-species, small batch of equipment production. The width of this chassis is determined by the width of the inner and rear panels, and the height and depth dimensions are determined by the height and depth dimensions of the side frames. The size of the changes are relatively easy to achieve.The former requires to change the size of rice grain cut, the latter n to change the size of the profile and aluminum plate, which is the general factory with the process equipment can do.

2. Small amount of cutting, sheet metal work larger, simple manufacturing process. No special or complex process equipment. Profile iridium structure of the chassis, due to the use of rice as a structural framework of the main structural components. Bear the main load. So rice more pieces of work. Due to the small variety of profiles used, the processing is simple, so the cutting less.

3. The use of less varieties of profiles, simple section, easy assembly. It is easy to match, and it is more suitable for the production and supply of profiles. It is more appropriate to adopt this type of structure. In addition, because the profile does not bear the main load, consider the shape and decoration is the main, to meet the hook needs to be secondary, so the use of profiles are generally relatively simple, processing and assembly are very convenient.

As a result of Sheet metal processing communication cabinet distinctive features, so favored by the majority of users, I Division is a professional development, production and sale of various chassis cabinet "professional casting" to produce cabinets <heart intimate service>, chassis quality The protection of the main, to produce TV wall, screen wall, monitor for the expertise, with blanking workshop, electrostatic spray, paint one-stop service capabilities.