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The Main Structure Of Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet manufacturing process, the process is relatively cumbersome, so many people will ask how to create a sheet metal chassis. Today, give you a presentation of the production of sheet metal chassis:

Now the shell processing industry, the rapid development of a lot of metal shell processing we need to first understand the main structure of the shell which can be the correct processing and production, the following for everyone to introduce the main structure of Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet.

1, Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet structure up and down boxes are selected 1.5mm thick 304 # stainless steel raw materials through the bending treatment production, lining and baffle selection 4mm anti-times the board, with some three-stage exhaust plan, can eliminate Exhaust emissions and exhaust gas is not the same as the useful emissions;

2, the control panel is located on the side of the external column, to facilitate the investigation and operation, removable repair. Ventilation counterboard selection of 15mm thick epoxy resin board, Naisuan Jian, corrosion-resistant high temperature;

3, power distribution control panel: power supply and control panel embedded in the box on the right side of the front, removable, easy maintenance;

4, equipped with secondary circuit electronic control system;

5, the window can be used ≥ 5mm thick explosion-proof tempered glass and counterweight balance device, sliding, can stay in any direction of the track; the main window glass can slide up and down, to facilitate the user to operate. Feet to choose M12 stainless steel adjustable bolts and mold combination feet, anti-skid vibration;

6, the water system selection of imported high-density PP raw materials, water bending, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali and organic matter, with filtration, blocking function;

7, lighting selection of energy-saving lamps, hiding in the roof, not with the ventilation cabinet test gas direct touch, easy to replace, the brightness completely meet the test needs. Side column with two 10A / 220V waterproof universal socket;

8, Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet height 2U, 3U, 3.5U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U, etc., hole distance: 5.08mm. Chassis width can be adjusted according to customer needs. Appearance by the spray disposal, supply a variety of colors, optional.