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Sheet Metal Products Customized In The Sheet Metal Before Welding Requirements
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Due to the different characteristics of the customized production type of the Sheet Metal Product Customization and the different management requirements of the enterprise, there are three different costing objects, namely, the variety, the batch and the production steps of the product. And the cost of the object of the different, the formation of the variety method, batch method, step by step three different cost calculation method. In addition, if the product variety specifications, in order to simplify the work of product cost accounting, Sheet Metal Product Customization can be customized varieties and specifications of the classification, according to the type of cost set to calculate the cost of a single set, and then by the variety specifications or production batch, production steps Distribution costs. This method of simplifying the cost calculation work becomes a taxonomy. Taxonomy is not a separate costing method, and it needs to be combined with one or two basic methods in order to simplify the basic method of accounting, so it belongs to the cost calculation of the auxiliary method. The following table simply lists the different forms of production organization, the production process and the management requirements used by the different costing methods, and the type of sheet metal processing costs used.

Sheet Metal Product Customization in the sheet metal before welding requirements:

(1) all raw materials shall not be lower than the requirements of the drawings, or shall not be cut production.

(2) require welded steel flatness does not exceed 2/1000, the total curvature is not greater than the total length of 0.3%.

(3) before the sheet metal welding, the deformation of the spare parts must be straightened, leveling and then welding.

(4) before welding, should be based on the size of the parts, the thickness of the material, the size of the requirements of the weld, etc., in accordance with the requirements of the Sheet Metal Product Customization, Different selection of thickness specifications ranging from welding wire.

Post-weld treatment requirements and standards:

(1) smooth weld, had fish scales; can not pile up convex hull, uneven phenomenon.

(2) after the completion of welding parts, the appearance of the application of emery cloth re-polished again, there can be no sense of the presence of thorns; there should be no welding slag, solder joints, burrs, weld should be smooth and smooth. Should ensure that the workpiece "edge Qi, flat", including the workpiece on the edge of the vertical parallelism.

(3) box type of workpiece surface welds shall not be higher than the plane, in principle, after playing the putty should be able to cover up, do not see the weld.

(4) for the turnover of parts, especially after welding is no longer processed in the plane, in the welding must be strictly protected to avoid damage to the arc or welding slag damage and even under the premise of welding can not be casually polished.

(5) for welding after the need to blue, electroplated sheet metal parts, welding completed to meet the relevant requirements, unified sandblasting. Turnaround process should be strictly protected, to avoid bumping scratches, no longer be polished.

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