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Sheet Metal Product Customization Quality Inspection
- May 27, 2017 -

Usually, the most important three steps in sheet metal processing are cutting, punching / cutting, folding.

Sheet metal is sometimes made of gold, the word comes from the English platemetal, usually some of the metal sheet by hand or die stamping to produce plastic deformation, the formation of the desired shape and size, and can be further through welding or a small amount of mechanical processing The formation of more complex parts, such as the family commonly used chimneys, iron stoves, as well as car shells are gold pieces.

Metal sheet processing is called sheet metal processing. For example, the use of sheet metal production chimney, iron drum, tank oil tank, ventilation pipe, elbow size head, Tianyuan place, funnel-shaped, the main process is cut, bending buckle, bending, welding, riveting, etc. A certain geometric knowledge.

Sheet metal product customization is sheet metal, that is, can be stamping, bending, stretching and other means to process the parts, a general definition is -

In the process of Sheet Metal Product Customization of sheet metal products in the thickness of the same parts. Corresponding to the casting parts, forging parts, machined parts, such as the car outside the iron is the sheet metal parts, stainless steel to do some cabinet is also sheet Gold pieces.

(SPC), galvanized sheet (SECC), copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum, etc. The effect is different.As for how to choose, generally need to be from its Use and cost considerations.

Sheet Metal Product Customization quality inspection:

  1 All sheet metal Sheet Metal Product Customization to meet the drawings and process requirements.

  2 after the end of the mold test with the end of the drawings meet the requirements of the library. Switchgear universal mold without tail storage.

  Sheet metal processing safety production Note:

  1 in strict accordance with the operating procedures to operate, set the equipment.

  2 wear the prescribed labor insurance products.

  3 in the course of operation, the spirit should be concentrated.

  4 In the course of operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the upper and lower molds, in the absence of protective measures, try to avoid bursts, processing small pieces must use tweezers or other special tools.

  5 processing bending, not removed before the mold parts, are not allowed to put the second, blanking, punching time to clear the parts falling in the mold edge, or are not allowed to continue red.

  6 after the power off, the slider free fall and work to play bursts of punch is strictly prohibited.

  7 mold is not fastened, the gap is not adjusted, not allowed to start the machine.

  8 easy to deformation of the bending parts, easy to scratch the surface of the workpiece when the disposal of neatly packed, not stacked.

  9 non-metallic processing parts, in the processing before the mold and the table should be wiped clean, so as not to dirty the workpiece.

  In the Sheet Metal Product Customization of sheet metal products, there is a need to ask the main place, our workers need a strict quality control, but also in the production process to pay attention to the above security, in order to make sheet metal processing products do more it is good!