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Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet Surface Treatment Process For Different Materials
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Sheet metal chassis cabinet processing process, and ultimately, bending, pressure riveting and other processes. And so all these processes are completed after the Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet to surface treatment.

Different plate surface treatment in different ways, the cold plate after processing generally surface plating, plating is not carried out after spraying, using the phosphating treatment, phosphating treatment to be sprayed.

Chassis Cabinet plating plate surface cleaning, degreasing, and then spraying.

Stainless steel chassis cabinet is in the bend before the wire can be carried out, without spraying, for spraying to be hair treatment.

Aluminum plate is generally used in oxidation, according to the different colors of spray to choose different oxidation background, commonly used in black and natural oxidation; aluminum to be sprayed for chromate oxidation after spraying.

Sheet metal chassis surface treatment This can clean the surface, significantly improve the coating adhesion, can double the coating to improve the corrosion resistance.