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How To Win The Market For Machine And Game Machine
- May 26, 2017 -

Machine and Game Machine in the pure bit control, there must be a suitable hysteresis (also known as switch bad or insensitive area), the hysteresis is too small will lead to frequent contacts and reduce the life of the contactor, The environment of the controlled area fluctuates greatly. In some cases (such as air conditioning room temperature control) can be used to set the hysteresis value of the set value in the setting range of scanning changes, to avoid waste. In general, the hysteresis is more appropriate for 0.3% of full scale. Power chassis cabinet setting error correction value: When the identification of the control system, including the sensor, including the error can not be compared with the higher accuracy of the measurement device to achieve consistent results, you can use the product of advanced "correction" function to achieve consistency, but Do not use this function easily to avoid accurate correction of the instrument to imprecise. In the range of -20 to 20, you can set the same value in the opposite direction to the error direction. Such as high 3, Machine and Game Machine thermostat with 485 communication function, can communicate with the PC, to facilitate customers through the computer real-time and efficient data monitoring, acquisition, control. Standard thermistor.

Machine and Game Machine from a scientific point of view, will be more advanced, more long-term. The development of network technology in the new century has led to the rapid development of electric power cabinet products. The development of electric power cabinet industry is inseparable from the efforts of scientific research personnel. The data obtained from scientific research personnel are also analyzed scientifically from various angles.

From the market on the chassis cabinet "> Machine and Game Machine needs analysis, followed by the chassis chassis quality analysis, Machine and Game Machine to win the market.

Power cabinets used in laser cutting technology, in general, most of the chassis cabinets are composed of a piece of sheet metal plate, in order to make finished products need to use laser cutting machine for processing and cutting, this laser processing equipment in the Chassis cabinet industry play a big role.

At present, the production of Machine and Game Machine industry widely used CNC technology, CNC machinery industry has become a technical force, CNC machining and numerical control equipment applications also showed rapid development trend.

Modern Machine and Game Machine for low-voltage power distribution devices and large control equipment installation, the internal structure can choose a variety of beams, vertical beam structure, fully modular concept, the use of more bright and convenient. Structural framework using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, bending processing profiles, Machine and Game Machine standard modular installation hole design, easy to install. A fully furnished accessory facility greatly increases the installation space for electrical components. Door, side board unloading easy, easy to install and repair electrical components.