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How To Maintain A Good Appearance For Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The factory has the corresponding technology and craft for the production of Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet. And in different environments, the impact of different atmospheres will bring different effects to the Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet, so according to different circumstances we need to chassis chassis for the overall treatment. The same time as the above-

For the Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet cabinets it has a good external image, and long outdoor work will give it a great impact, so that the chassis for the cabinet metal shell surface treatment will give its belt To the very high impact.

In the process of surface pretreatment of the Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet, it can be sprayed or sprayed on the surface, so we can choose the appropriate method to increase the service life and life of the Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet according to different specific conditions.

As we all know, the chassis of the cabinet are made of sheet metal. All parts are made of stainless steel plate, gathered in the processing of the chassis when the line acceptance must pay attention to several points:

1, sheet metal cabinets are not allowed to see the naked eye or local distortion, twisted phenomenon exists. Frame column and the base of the vertical degree of less than 1.5mm. When the test is based on the base of the base, the upper end of the column as the measurement point.

2, the top box and the base parallel to less than 1mm. The detection points are the upper surface of the base and the lower surface of the top frame, and are based on each other. But also by measuring the length of the diagonal of the six sides, the difference should not exceed 2.5mm to detect. There are middle partitions, the top box and the base parallel degree can be relaxed to 1.5mm, partition and the top box or base parallel degree of less than 1mm.

3, the upper and lower frame of the diagonal difference between the absolute value of less than 1.5mm.

4, the column can not have the phenomenon of distortion, the column and the upper and lower frame connected to the two ends of the intersection line and the adjacent plane of the plane parallelism is less than 0.5mm.

5, to support the carton of the box, the same layer of the left and right slide formed by the working surface relative to the base of the parallel degree of 1mm, and should ensure that the box after loading the gap between the adjacent two panels Absolute value should not exceed 0.6mm.