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How To Identify Defects In Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Sheet metal processing communication cabinet surface defects are grass-roots debris, serious color, surface scratches, coating off, lacquer, exposed substrate, powder, etc., which are currently the cabinet sheet metal processing is ubiquitous Some defects. The following small industry for the industry to explain how to identify the sheet metal processing communication cabinet processing methods:

1, sheet metal processing communication cabinet surface scratches the reasons for the more complex and throughout the production process, but can be divided into two categories:

First, the product produced in the processing of scratches

Second, in the production process of logistics scratches.

2, the coating is mainly off the coating layer and the substrate of the binding force is not enough, the main means of detection of the impact of the impact test and grid test.

3, exposed substrate refers to the surface without coating, the main cause is leakage spray, large area scratches.

4, color is serious refers to the same surface color inconsistency, color difference of more than 1.

5, the base layer of debris is the surface treatment of the substrate surface is not dealt with clean the defects, it is the main reason for the coating shedding.

6, lacquer flow, the principle of powder generated roughly the same, but the paint is produced when the paint, the powder is sprayed when the production is due to excessive spray, too thick and produce defects.