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How To Do The Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet Leakage
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Near the moment began to Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet leak, but also very serious weight, met with Ma hand, was not the case, not the temperature problem. Began to think that the chassis problems, for the chassis, the problem as usual, with copper bolt in the chassis, the other side of a bolt on the ground is still the same Ma hand. This is how to see what is the reason? Received a customer before the consultation, of course, this phone we received a lot more.

Grounding is not the basis of dealing with the puzzle, can only temporarily accommodate. There may be my own display current, the method is to dial out the monitor power supply, see the chassis cabinet there is no leakage of electricity. If not to my monitor current, the best way is to change the host power supply 3C power supply will have leakage appearance, accidentally hit the metal parts of the chassis cabinet, there will be shock experience, many users still do not trust, the following analysis 2 Kind of way to eliminate this leakage appearance.

1. The Sheet Metal Processing Electric Power Cabinet best way is to use three-wire power supply, so that A point has excellent grounding, the power of the shell and chassis cabinet will not be charged.

2. For a variety of reasons can not use three-wire power supply users, the user can do a ground line, will be a long iron wire piercing into the more humid land, with the wire and the computer chassis metal plate connect them.

3. If the previous two methods can not do the user, do not have to ignore this leakage current, because it will not form a risk to the human body, some users with a wire to the computer chassis and home water pipe connected, this Method can handle the leakage current problem, but more unsafe, because the tap water pipe grounding effect is unstable, if the computer really leakage, it will be very risky, do not recommend this approach.