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How To Determine The Machine And Game Machine Is Good Or Bad
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Machine and Game Machine mainly to see four aspects: see painting, steel, glass, accessories.

Look at the Machine and Game Machine surface sheet metal processing of paint, a good cabinet all the steel need to paint, and to spray evenly, so as to be able to do a good rust and dust.

Look at the thickness of the steel plate, as long as the fingers hit to know the thickness of the steel plate, and Machine and Game Machine is also a coarse point of the good, because sometimes installed inside the equipment is relatively heavy, if too thin to see to bear Not the weight of the equipment.

Look at the glass, the glass should be thicker, in particular, pay attention to see the glass around the cracks, if any, then do not recommend, but also depends on whether the glass is difficult.

Machine and Game Machine is also very important accessories, if the cabinet with a cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed in the vertical mounting rail, the better. In either case, the inside of the cabinet should be on the wall and side walls

There are enough retaining rings (to protect the cable), or you can lift the bottom of the cabinet so that the bottom line. There are some screws used to fix the rack, nuts, etc., but also enough. This can avoid future expansion and bring the lack of accessories trouble.