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Chassis How To Improve In The Process Of Communication Problems In The Cabinet?
- Nov 21, 2016 -

1. surface treatment of metal parts: there are painting and plating which resists rust, on the surface forming a layer of protective film and antistatic SI, chassis, interior design special instructions: less quality chassis body paint, electroplating treatment. Chassis with poor cheap materials in a tank normally baking spray, plating process. Brand is in addition to the differences in quality between cabinet design topics. Previously the chassis using the screw design, installation and ultimately, to a handful of screws and a screwdriver to install and disassemble abnormal trouble, time-consuming chassis now uses the Ribbon-type or screw design to facilitate Assembly and disassembly, greatly improved the installed speed. Not only outside the chassis without screws, even the Interior has improved thrust design, use a plastic card to the internal parts. Brand-name generally used in the design of the chassis manual screw, quick removal without using a screwdriver from a lot of installation hardware often hard.

2, cabinet designs, as the server. Colors besides black and white, good chassis in the appearance panel design with a variety of features, styling and decent, stable and yet lively. Color, and gives the impression both eye-catching and useful.