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Manufacture Rules For Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Product Customization
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Stainless steel Sheet Metal Product Customization division of labor and operation are required to have clear rules, according to open the figure and the number of different is not the same as the blanking method, Sheet Metal Product Customization methods are laser, CNC punch, cutting plate, mold and other methods, The number of red processing of small series on the details of the stainless steel Sheet Metal Product Customization to introduce the manufacturing rules.

1, select the blanking, after the completion of the next process, stainless steel is not the same as the workpiece according to the processing needs into the corresponding process;

 2, the bend should be the first to be based on the scale of the drawings, the thickness of the stainless steel material to determine the use of bending and the knife slot, to prevent the product and the collision caused by the deformation of the upper mold is the key to the election (in the same product , May use different types of upper mold), the choice of the next model based on the thickness of the plate to determine;

3, pressure riveting, the height of the stud to think about the same as the same mold, and then press the pressure to adjust the pressure to ensure that the stud and the workpiece surface flush, to prevent the stud did not press firmly or press out of the workpiece surface , The formation of the workpiece void. Welding with argon arc welding, spot welding, carbon dioxide maintenance welding, electric arc welding, etc., spot welding first to consider the orientation of the workpiece welding, stainless steel sheet metal production in the production of thinking to do positioning tooling pipe welding spot precision;

4, in order to weld strong, in the workpiece to be bumped on the bump, can make the bumps in the welding before welding with the flat uniform to ensure that the same point of heating together, together can determine the welding position, the same, to be welded , To adjust the pre-pressure time, keep the pressure moment, keep the moment, stop the moment, to ensure that the workpiece can be spot welding solid;

The quality of stainless steel Sheet Metal Product Customization parts in addition to the strict requirements in the production process, the demand is independent of the production of quality inspection, one by strict rules of the scale, the second is strictly control the appearance of quality. This Sheet Metal Product Customization is not a big thing, or out of the role is very aspiring. This can be found in the process of stainless steel Sheet Metal Product Customization to open the map fault, the process of bad habits, the process of fault.