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On The Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet Must Be Aware Of The Problem
- Jun 09, 2017 -

A wide range of chassis cabinets, full-featured, the application is very wide, each chassis cabinets have their own role and function, the role may be different, Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet is a wider range of chassis cabinets , The following talk about the Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet cabinet some of the content:

Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet work because of the moment when the emergence of large current, it is necessary when the product work, this time premature fuse, the role of current protection will not work. And the main cause of the accumulation of burst accident aging, because it is continuous small current, the wire is not sensitive to non-blown, can not really automatically separate the over-voltage protection has been degraded, can not really solve the problem. This is caused by the current in the chassis cabinet. Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet equipment to ensure that the chassis structure of the cabinet has a good stiffness and strength and good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and other performance. And this is the past, many computer room management personnel to ignore the problem. Only safe use and operation of the chassis cabinet can let it contribute to us. Use cabinets, especially power chassis cabinets and Sheet Metal Processing Communication Cabinet to note the following:

A. Atmospheric conditions for air cleaning, relative humidity of 20% -80% no condensation.

B. Cabinet for indoor installation, installed in the surrounding air clean, no electricity, no dust, no strong vibration and shock of the place.

C. The ambient air temperature is not higher than +55 ℃, and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed +35 ℃, the ambient air temperature limit of -15 ℃.