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Electrical development impact
- Nov 21, 2016 -

Is 18th century physicists to study the earliest electrical and magnetic phenomena used knife switch. The late 19th century, with a stream of electricity to society, various electrical appliances have also come out. But small electrical capacity during this period, belonging to the manual. Circuit protection fuse (commonly known as the fuse). Since the 20th century, due to the application of power in society and showed great superiority in human life, and rapidly growing popularity, adapted to different requirements of appliances are also emerging. Used in large power systems of two or three storeys high extra high voltage circuit breakers, small ordinary household switch. Over the past century, electrical general trend of the development of capacity, higher transmission voltage and increased automation. For example, switch electrical by 20th century early used air or transformer oil for out arc media, after more oil type, and less oil type, and compression air type, development to using vacuum for out arc media and six fluoride of sulfur for out arc media of circuit breaker device, its open broken capacity from early about 20~30 thousand Ann to 80 Middle late up 80~100 thousand Ann, work voltage improve to 765,000 v, and to 1.15 million v.