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Electric marketing analysis
- Nov 21, 2016 -

Intelligent electrical products series, large-scale

With standard mounting of electrical appliance market environment, the State issued a series of energy efficiency standards, price reform, the tax system and a series of important measures to promote the popularization of energy-efficient products, energy saving and environmental protection of small household electrical appliances become the general trend. Producer not only in the materials on environmental protection and energy saving, but also from a technical and process development to optimize from the Green electric industrial manufacturing, product service chain to make it series, large-scale.

Second, electrical companies to create high-end images price transparency and profit on a small tendency in the low-end appliances and more obvious, more electric companies will be in the low end for quantity, with high profit. Further quantitative profit, is the realm of many enterprises. Meanwhile, consumer spending is the transformation of achievement the development of high-end products. Prices will no longer be the primary condition, replaced by brand, technology and other factors. Enterprises will continue to adjust the positioning will be more personalized, technology-intensive products on the market, to create a premium image.