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Console game
- Nov 21, 2016 -

However, technical progress is not only factor in game. This support can be found in Nintendo's history. In 1982, the design director Shigeru Miyamoto designed Nintendo headquarters out of a popular series of the Super Mary, by the end of 1992 the sales record of the card game has hit a record $445 million, but capacity is only 40K of the game, much less its technology bishijia game, but so far there's a Sega game sales like this game. Shigeru Miyamoto in answering why this game was a huge success, said Marley's image--he designed an obsessive Italy pipe fitters and many people share a common character, so people like Marley. Yamauchi of Nintendo's leaders was blunt: "due to new technology, they (Sega) can enter the market ahead of us, but frankly, our game is better. "Nintendo is by selecting a theme, good design strengths to compete with Sega. Can say good game content and advanced technologies complement each other, together they created the popularity of gaming machines.