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Ningbo taizhun metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional design,development, manufacturing,sales and service as one of the automatic sheet metal equipment manufacturer.

The main business scope:specialized in electronic and electrical appliances,machinery and equipment metal casing design and manufacturing,non-standard chassis,sheet metal processing machinery parts processing,laser cutting,electric power communication cabinets and accessories production.

Company equipment and production capacity:

Germany import and trump 4000W CNC laser cutting machine, working table size: 2000MM*4000MM;carbon steel with a thickness of up to 25mm;stainless steel 15mm;

German joint venture IPG 2500W CNC laser cutting machine, working table size: 1500MM*3000MM;carbon steel with a thickness of up to 16mm;stainless steel 12mm;

Japan imported MOTORUM 2048-LT CNC CNC punch press,working table size:1250MM*3500MM; carbon steel with a thickness of up to 6.0MM;so 3mm;

Germany imported TRUMPF tc2000 CNC CNC punch,working table size:1250MM*3500MM;carbon steel with a thickness of up to 6.0MM; so 3mm;

Germany,Japan imported folding bed a total of 7 units,namely Japan Amada 35 tons 2,50 tons 2,110 tons 2 each,Germany fast 100 tons of bending a.Length up to 4 meters;

Japan Panasonic and American Lincoln protection welding,argon arc welding machine,a total of 12 sets,vertical welding machine 4 sets and planting nail machine,drawing machine,flat wire drawing machine, vibration grinding machine 4 set the number of units;

Taiwan imported 5units,260T,110T,80T,60T 40T each one;

professional cutting,punching,shearing,folding,welding,spraying,material processing;

professional design,drawing and drawing personnel;

professional welding processing personnel,welding personnel after grinding;

spraying production line two (width 2 m * 2 m * 3 meters long).